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The Periodic Table of the Gutierrez Group Summer 2020 

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Despite advances in high-throughput screening methods leading to a surge in the discovery of catalytic reactions, our knowledge of the molecular-level interactions in the rate- and selectivity-determining steps of catalytic reactions involving highly unstable and reactive open-shell intermediates is rudimentary. These knowledge gaps prevent control, suppression or enhancement, of competing reaction channels that can drive the development of new catalytic reactions.​

The Gutierrez group combines computational and experimental approaches to advance our understanding of organic/organometallic reaction mechanisms. In turn, this information is used to guide the design of new sustainable, catalytic, and asymmetric transformations that can be adapted by the organic, organometallic, and bio(in)organic in the synthesis of medicinally-active compounds.

We are interested in:

  1. Role of open-shell intermediates in small-molecule and enzymatic catalysis

  2. Development of predictive models of reactivity and selectivity of iron-catalyzed carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond transformations

  3. Rational design of selective supramolecular catalysts.

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