mechanistic chemistry  • rational catalyst designbiomimetic chemistry  

The Gutierrez group combines computational and experimental approaches to advance our understanding of organic/organometallic reaction mechanisms and biological systems. Specifically, we are interested in (1) role of open-shell intermediates in small-molecule and enzymatic catalysis, (2) development of predictive models of reactivity and selectivity of iron-catalyzed carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond transformations, and (3) rational design of selective supramolecular catalysts.



December 2019:  

11.11.2019: Congrats to Madeline for the recent publication in ACS Catalysisin collaboration with the Hilikski group!  Awesome work!

November 2019:  

11.11.2019: Congrats to Osvaldo for being the first recipient of the Nathan Drake Faculty Fellowship! 


October 2019:  

10.30.2019: Congrats to Osvaldo for receiving the University of Maryland's CMNS Board of Visitors Junior Faculty Award for 2019! 

10.22.2019: Congrats to Madeline for the recent publication in Organometallicsin collaboration with the Lee group! 

August 2019:  

8.28.2019: Congrats to Madeline and Ryan for the recent publication in ACS Catalysisin collaboration with the Molander group! 

8.23.2019: Congrats to Madeline and Robert for the recent publication in JACSin collaboration with the Nguyen group! 


May 2019:

Celebrating awards to Madeline "Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship for Summer 2019"  and Wes (2019 Millard & Lee Alexander Fellowship) with ice cream (and being photobombed by Ryan!). Again, congrats! 


July 2019:  

7.3.2019: Congrats to Mingbin and the Powers group for the recent publication in Chem!


11.27.2018: Congrats to Lei, Wes, Jun, and Surjo for the recent experimental-computational publication in Tetrahedron!


11.06.2018: Congrats to Wes and the Davis group for the recent publication in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed!


10.19.2018: Congrats to Lei, Wes, and Mingbin for the recent publication in Comments in Inorganic Chemistry!


11.14.2018: Congrats to Wes, Mingbin, Chris, and Ashley for the recent publication in Org. Biomol. Chem!


March 2019:

Congrats to Wes for being awarded the "2019 Millard & Lee Alexander Fellowship." Fantastic news!

Congrats to Madeline for passing here candidacy exam! Awesome work!



April 2019:

Congrats to Madeline for being awarded the "Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship for Summer 2019." Awesome!




10.8.2018: My experimental and computational paper from postdoctoral work is accepted in Organic Letters!


10.11.2018: Congrats to Madeline and the Molander group for the recent publication in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed!


6.6.2018: A visit with Prof. William Miller, my former chemistry instructor at Sacramento City College,  a fantastic mentor/teacher/researcher!


6.19.2018: Congrats to Ryan and the Molander group for the recent publication in JACS!

5.1.2018: Check out the speaker lineup for the upcoming ADSE Young Researchers Conference at the University of Maryland September 29th, 2018! (click here to register)!











4.26.2018:  More great news this month! Simone has been accepted to the   University of Maryland’s Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program (McNair Scholars Program)!  Congrats Simone! 


4.25.2018:  More great news this month! Madeline E. Rotella has been selected as the recipient of the University of Maryland Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry William Bailey Fellowship!  Congrats Madeline! 


4.20.2018:  More great news this week! Robert Martin has been selected for recognition as one of Maryland¹s ‘Undergraduate Researchers of the Year’ for 2018! Congrats Robert! 











4.16.2018:  Congrats to Wes Lee for advancing to candidacy! He officially becomes the first Gutierrez Group Ph.D. candidate! 


3.29.2018:  Congrats to Dr. Jun Zhou (former postdoc) for his new academic position at Changsha University of Science & Technology! Best of luck!   


2.15.2018:  Congrats to Madeline for passing her oral preliminary examination and outstanding seminar! Well done! 


2.6.2018:  Our first grant! We have been awarded the NSF CAREER AWARD! We thank the National Science Foundation for supporting our research, educational, and outreach efforts! Link: NSF-CAREER


12.1.2017:  Jun, group's first postdoc, going away dinner! Thank you for all hard work in ligand synthesis and developments in iron catalysis!